What happens when your first time in Israel is when you made aliyah? Oy!

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The Toilet Situation in Israel

With 3rd world-like countries surrounding Israel, I was wondering about the availability of many conveniences Americans take for granted.  One of them being the toilet.  Would you not be able to flush down the toilet paper and have to put it in a nearby garbage can like in Mexico? Would toilets even flush here?  There could be holes in the floor that connect to the sewer system like what is found in many countries in this region of the world.

Whew!  Israel has toilets that you can sit on comfortably and flush everything down including toilet paper. However, they are different than the US, and at first are a bit disconcerting.  The toilets here are low-flush with very little water, which makes sense because Israel needs to conserve water in a big way.  In the US the toilet flush makes a noise like Ker-plush-Shhhhhhhhhhh.  In Israel, it’s more like Kerp-trickle, trickle, trickle.  That’s worrisome because you think maybe it’s not all going to go away, especially if you have a big load in there…you know what I mean.  In spite of the low amount of water — so far anyway — everything has been going down.

Many US toilets in public places like malls or airports have that handle thing you can flush with your foot or automatic flush.  At the Ben Gurion Airport, the low-flush toilets had a pedal thing to push.  At our apartment, the low-flow toilet flushes by pushing down on metal button.

In a couple of cafes we’ve been to, the toilet situation is quite interesting.  You have a men’s room in a very small space with only a toilet, and nearby a woman’s room in a very small space also with only a toilet. Outside the “toilet room” is a nice sink for both men and women to wash their hands. Even though both men and women share a sink, the good news is that the sink is outside the toilet area and you don’t have to open any doors after washing your hands and possibly recontaminate them.

So far, that’s the toilet situation in Israel.  Outlying areas or places with antiquities could be a lot different.  I’ll keep you updated with any new toilet info.


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